Art Koch’s Profit Chain®

Dramatic improvements to inventory velocity, increased customer service and corporate profits”

Inventory Is Evil!℠

Inventory delays problem resolution. Delays cost money.

Entropy Busters®

Stop letting the process manage you! Become the champion of your game plan and achieve sustainable profits.


While we have the capacity and ability to help you with any management challenge, we are especially well-suited to guide your supply chain management and optimization. We can support you when you are:

CEO & C-Suite:

  • Art Koch’s Profit Chain® – Turning your value chain into profits
    • Profitable Supply Chain Wheel
    • Entropy Busters® – Not getting anticipated results?
    • Inventory Is Evil!?- Inventory is not a security blanket
    • The Law of 1% – Complexity Rationalization
    • Finding Genius and uncovering castaways
    • When the “Unfiltered Truth” is needed.
  • Advisory and sounding Board
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Re-engineering of Supply Chain

High Growth and Large Divisions of Multinationals:

  • Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Performance Assessments
  • Building blocks to critical supply chain principles and foundations
  • Change Leadership skills for growing and sustaining excellence
  • Simplifying processes
  • Align your supply chain with a Lean enterprise
  • Investing in key leaders – coaching and mentoring


  • Supply Chain and Operations triage
  • Interim leadership roles
  • Turning Operational Problems into Profits
  • When you need to hear the “Unfiltered Truth”
  • Simplifying processes; Kanban and supermarket design
  • Do what you say…say what you do… Forgetting buzz words!
  • Data and process integrity – Entropy Busters®
  • MRP, DRP and ERP application