As part of our services to clients, we dive deep into your inventory and planning parameters to develop a strategy and plan to simultaneously improve inventory velocity and customer service. Our proven trademarked methodologies have reduced our client’s inventory over $200 million or an average of 23% while increasing customer service an average of 18.5 points.

The COVID pandemic awakened to global leaders to the hidden risks within their supply chains. And with today’s rapidly changing geopolitical climate and social awareness, do you know and understand the risks?

We assess your supply chain for the following:

  • Your supplier base likelihood to be used in a geopolitical tug-of-war?
  • Lead-time exposure to flexibility, responsiveness, and obsolesce
  • Supplier manufacturing locations risk associated with poor local infrastructure and natural disasters
  • Raw and trace-material interruption risk
  • The risk of suppliers using child or forced labor
  • Minority-owned businesses

With raw material purchases and supply chain administration cost often equating over 60-70% of cost-of-good-sold, why put our enterprises’ public reputation to risk?