“Are you Addicted to Inventory?”

Let The Inventory Doctor® Help

Now that I have your attention. Let me tell you, Inventory Is Evil! Many businesses are addicted to inventory, and it’s become their drug of choice! Rather than solving the root cause of problems, the answer is, “let’s increase safety stocks.” What do you see when walking through the doors of your manufacturing or warehousing? Do you see stacks of addiction? Inventory is evil for this reason; it hides problems and delays problem resolution, which costs money! Are you struggling with rallying the organization on world-class inventory performance? If you want to wean your organization from its inventory addiction and learn how the build a sustainable profit center with increased inventory velocity, call The Inventory Doctor®. You will:
  • Learn the myths about inventory and how these falsehoods keep organizations from achieving industry-leading customer and financial success.
  • Discover the facts about inventory and how these can transform corporate mindsets to create profit chains that achieve world-class customer service.
  • Learn how the incremental inventory carrying cost assumptions create poor long-term business results.
  • Break the paradigm on why inventory velocity improvements are not just a supply chain management responsibility and how to engage the organization to become the solution.
  • Learn how to motivate teams, establish sustainable processes and have fun improving inventory performance.

The Inventory Doctor®

Tap into Art’s knowledge which incorporates 43 years of industrial experience, the majority in supply chain leadership and hands-on consulting roles. Clients include American Industrial Partners, A.O. Smith/Regal Beloit, Avery Dennison, Mondelez, StoneTree Investment Partners, Tenneco, among many others. Art is our “Business Transformation and Supply Chain Guru,” said Joel Stanwood of StoneTree Investment Partners. Previous aggregate results include increased company valuation by $955 million, inventory reduction of over $200 million, and improved customer service by an average of 23% per project. Art is the creator of Art Koch’s Profit Chain®, Entropy Busters®, and The Inventory Doctor®. He is the co-author of six books, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan and a Master in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.