After interviewing the client to understand their specific business objectives, measures and values.
We offer customized programs tailored to their requirements:

Developing Customized In-Company Leadership and Executive Development programs.

Customized Leadership and Executive development programs tailored to specific customer requirements.

Leadership and Executive Development can take many forms. What I find most successful and sustainable is to work with the client to understand their business objectives, the required measurements to identify if they are getting better, worse or staying the same, and the value to the Leader and/or Organization.  Then we jointly outline a Leadership and/or Executive Development program to achieve goals.

Providing Executive Coaching Services

Customized executive coaching to specific individual growth objectives.

The last thing most Sr. Leaders want is someone coming in to tell them how to do their job. I like to say we take a hard-right turn and coach on what to stop doing and what to do more of.

Providing public and In-Company keynote presentations to business leaders.

Customized keynote presentations, both public and in-company, to Leadership Teams, Graduation Classes and Industry Groups.

Learn the total cost of carrying inventory, how inventory hides and delays problem resolution. Gain insider knowledge of how to improve inventory accuracy which enables increased inventory velocity.

Typical programs, services and speech topics include and are not limited to:

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® – How to achieve dramatic improvements to inventory velocity, increased customer service and corporate profits.

  • The 3 F’s of Supply Chain Management; Foundation, Framework and Financial Sustainability
  • Entropy Busters® – How to stop letting the process manage you! Become the champion of your game plan and achieve sustainable profits.
    • Foundation/Basic Right
    • Materials Control/Management
    • Visual Daily Management
    • Sustainability
    • Inventory Is Evil!? – Learn the evils of inventory and why inventory is evil! ™ How delays to problem resolution eat profits. Delays cost money!
  • The true cost of carrying inventory
  • Team Skills/Core Competencies
  • Unlock Greatness and Finding the Castaways
  • Simplification 1% = 50%
  • Financial Sustainability
    • Profits
    • Customer Service
    • Corporate Culture