• This is a quick questionnaire on how we can help evaluate and improve professionalism in your supply chain.

    Rate your supply chain organization for each of the following questions.

    These questions help businesses assess their supply chain management’s current state, identify improvement areas, and align SCM practices with broader organizational goals and industry standards.
  • How is the discipline of SCM treated as a profession within your organization?
  • Does the SCM function have adequate representation at the executive level and board meetings, such as a Chief Supply Chain Officer?
  • How well is the economic payback of developing SCM professionals for skills and processes at all levels of management understood by leadership?
  • Is the importance of professionalism and training in bridging the gap between university education and real-world application clear to your management team?
  • Are steps taken to promote and support continuous professional development for the SCM staff?
  • Are you actively recruiting SCM professionals from recognized universities or programs to ensure a high level of expertise within the team?
  • Does your organization have a leadership development program specifically for SCM professionals?
  • To whom does the top SCM professional in your organization report, and how does this impact the perceived importance of SCM in the organization?
  • How effectively are you utilizing SCM as a competitive advantage or market differentiator in your industry?
  • Are sufficient resources allocated to SCM to enhance operational effectiveness and achieve corporate visions?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.