• How a Rapid Assessment of Your Supply Chain can be used to identify improvements.

    Rate your supply chain organization for each of the following questions.

    These questions help to provide a comprehensive view of the supply chain’s current state, identifying areas that need attention and developing continuous improvement.
  • How effectively are your store operations managed and maintained to support smooth supply chain operations?
  • How well are supply chain structures, including logistics and distribution centers, optimized for efficiency and scalability?
  • Are financial metrics used to monitor and improve supply chain performance, and do these metrics align with the overall business objectives?
  • How integrated are suppliers in the planning and execution phases of your supply chain?
  • Are regular supplier assessments and feedback mechanisms in place?
  • How effective are your product definition postponement strategies?
  • How are you managing complexity and variability within our supply chain, and are there feedback processes to reduce these factors?
  • Are there visual daily management systems in place to track the status of supply chain activities and facilitate quick decision-making?
  • How well does your supply chain team communicate and collaborate on issues and improvements between internal Engineering, Operations, Finance, and external groups such as suppliers?
  • Do you have mechanisms to encourage frequent innovation and continuous improvement within your supply chain team?
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