Are You Addicted To Inventory? – The Inventory Doctor®

May 25, 2021

Now that I have your attention. Let me tell you, Inventory Is Evil!

Many businesses are addicted to inventory, and it’s become their drug of choice! Rather than solving the root cause of problems, the answer is, “let’s increase safety stocks.” What do you see when walking through the doors of your manufacturing or warehousing? Do you see stacks of addiction?

Inventory is evil for this reason; it hides problems and delays problem resolution, which costs money!

Are you struggling with rallying the organization on world-class inventory performance? If you want to wean your organization from its inventory addiction and learn how the build a sustainable profit center with increased inventory velocity, spend an exciting hour with Art. You will…

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The Three Fs of Supply Chain Management

November 17, 2020

Universities and professional certification programs do a great job of introducing the fundamental concepts of supply chain management to the student. However, due to time and scope, they are not able the always teach the techniques to apply all tools for sustainable change for the corporate objectives; customer loyalty, profits, and corporate culture.

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Finding Genius and the Castaways

October 8, 2020

Competition has been and always will be tough, so get over it!

What if I were to tell you that you have an untapped resource within your organization and that it’s free to you if you know how to slow down and find it?

Lead from the HEART.

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Has Covid 19 broken the Supply Chain?

July 29, 2020

I just want to give an update on what I’ve been up to during the COVID-19 roller coaster.

We are doing our best to stay safe here in Miami.

For those of you who know me well, it’s been over four months since I’ve been on a business trip or an airplane. I haven’t been home this much in nearly ten years, and it’s been incredible!

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Lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 Crisis! – Video

April 11, 2020

Most of my advisory work involves helping outline, reviewing or critiquing project plans, of one sort or another.

I routinely nudge or push the team to go faster, to be quicker, and to “Fail Fast…Learn Fast…Fix Fast…!

Too often people seek Perfection in what they do, and it is NOT attainable. This pursuit delays fixing critical processes that will increase customer loyalty, corporate culture and profits.

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