Crisis Management For Small and Medium Enterprises

August 15, 2020

Certified Global SME Advisors – Volume 1, Issues 2 – August 2020

Just a few short decades ago when I was a university student, I was stressed about an upcoming tax exam. Looking back, exams seem very minor compared to the personal and financial hardships many are experiencing today due to Covid.However, when you’re young, anything happening seemed very serious. Seeking some adviceabout my serious tax exam situation, I called my Dad. He was a man of few,but wise,words. He was also a World War II veteran who had been chased by a tank, blindedwhen tank artillery hit a brick school house he was hiding in, and left for dead after being hit with machine gun fire. My brother and I grew up hearing his war storiesand likely became disproportionately brave in certain situations. Dadnever could sit in front of an open picture window for long; likely the long-term effects of post-traumaticstress disorder.

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