How to Strengthen and Grow Your Business for Global Small and Medium Enterprises

October 1, 2020

Certified Global SME Advisors®
Volume 1, Issue 3
October 2020

Welcome to this issue of “How to Strengthen and Grow your Business.” In these unique and challenging times, there are opportunities to strengthen, to grow, and to become more valuable to your existing customers and to new customers.

We are all innovators. We innovate when a customer says no to a sale, and we figure out how to improve. We innovate when we develop a new offering and promote it to our existing customers and to new prospects. The key is to take action, keep your feet moving, fail fast, figure things out, adjust, and persist.

When my Dad was in World War II, he outran a tank. That’s a lot of adrenaline at work. We aren’t being chased by a tank. We are, however, fighting for our survival and growth in challenging times. The best way to survive is to thrive.

This article is full of pragmatic and powerful advice from world class experts who practice what they preach, who work with small and medium enterprises just like you, and who persist until their clients succeed, every day.

Author’s Copyright by Phil Symchych, Gary Furr, Art Koch (Miami, FL), Oriol Lopez, Dean Robinson, Dan Weedin, and SMEAGMG, 2020. All rights reserved.

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