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January 18, 2020

Entropy Busters® Series
Volume 3 | Number 1 | January 2020

Scrapping the Notion of New Year’s Resolutions

We are now into the third full week of the New Year.  If you made resolutions, how many are still in-place?  Statistics show 90% are dropped within the first 30 days.

What can you do differently to improve your personal brand?

I personally use twelve points to rewrite my story line and work on them each month.  

Art’s Twelve Point Entropy Busters® Story Line Re-write

  • January – Stop or end what you don’t like in your personal life. This is your decision. Start writing your own narrative of who you want to be.
  • February – Refine your frame of focus and start transferring your own narrative into your own story line.
  • March – Again, stop the behaviors that won’t make you professionally successful.
  • April – Review past mistakes or failures. These are the ones that nag at your inner soul. Learn from them and create success stories. Don’t be an over-achiever. You’re likely not broken, only work on two or three opportunities at a time. Consider these the Relevant Few.
  • May – Learn to like, trust and believe in yourself. Success starts here.
  • June – Take a vacation. Travel to two new places a year. Creating this slightly uncomfortable feeling drives growth and builds self-confidence. The increase in self confidence establishes success. Enjoy your transformation.
  • July – Kick the Training Wheels Off. Dump the fears, and start a new project you have been avoiding.
  • August – Hear the people around you, be in the moment and understand their message. It’s okay to disagree; just don’t make others wrong while disagreeing. When the unfiltered truth is necessary, tell it with compassion.
  • September – Plan your vacations for the next two and three years. Make the commitment by placing deposits for each trip. This establishes a feeling of excitement and of making dreams come true. Block your calendar once the dates are set. Enjoy the dream and make it a reality.
  • October – Take the time each day to smile, laugh and play. Establish play as part of your daily routine. It’s okay to have fun and enjoy life. It’s the only one you’ll have, so you better make it worth-while!
  • November – Recognize and acknowledge the greatness of those around you. No matter their flaws, they make you the person you are today.
  • December – Rest and enjoy the holidays.

Draft and write your story.  

Happy New You!

Self-Ranking – Pick one of the four questions below and then fill in your comments in the space provided.

  1. Don’t think this applies to your business or enterprise? (Write three to four reasons why it might not.)
  2. This is a new idea and strategy, it’s something we need to work toward. (Brainstorm the first steps.)
  3. We can do better, modify our strategy, and now we are moving in the right direction. (What are the next steps to ensure success?)
  4. Our team gets the necessary time to keep their minds fresh and we have plans to live our dreams. (Comment on how you’re ready.)
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