Winning The Parts Allocation War

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 4 | Number 5 | May 2021

Shortages -we’re living them every day: stock-outs of our favorite food, the new gadget for the home office, or deficiencies that are impacting our manufacturing processes. Even if they are not directly affecting us, we certainly have heard about them on the news. STOCK-OUTS!!

What’s driving these shortages? As a manufacturer, distributor, or retail store, is there anything we can do about it, or are we just powerless to change the status quo?

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To Catch Excellence! Lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 Crisis

Most of my advisory work involves helping outline, reviewing or critiquing project plans, of one sort or another.

I routinely nudge or push the team to go faster, to be quicker, and to “Fail Fast…Learn Fast…Fix Fast…!

Too often people seek Perfection in what they do, and it is NOT attainable. This pursuit delays fixing critical processes that will increase customer loyalty, corporate culture and profits.

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Unlock the Art of Change™ Series – March 2021

KPIs need to be helping you manage operations by starting on course. Are you getting:

Better? Worst? Staying the Same?

If your KPIs are not answering these three simple questions, then they are of no use.

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Blogging The Art of Change™ – January 2021

January has been a terrific month. Jam-packed, however, lots of fun and energizing! Was interviewed on Dan Gaffney Talk, WXDE Delaware 105.9, about my newsletter on COVID – The perfect Disrupter for Small and Medium Enterprises to Leverage for Growth.

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2021 = Optimism

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 1 | Number 1 | January 2021

As we exited 2020, I stepped back and reflected on the past year, looking forward with optimism for 2021. Even though 2020 was a troubled year, I’m not going to rehash the details.  I believe there are multiple bright spots of hope ahead and an excellent reason to have confidence in humanity.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and family!

Blogging The Art of Change™ – November 2020

Hi Team Art!

November has been a hectic month. My current clients have been keeping be busy COVID related supply chain opportunities and inventory velocity improvements. The reoccurring issues related to COVID is demand variability related to shutdowns and locating quality suppliers to successfully reposition manufacturing closer to customers.

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The Three Fs of Supply Chain Management

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 11 | November 2020

During my supply chain management career, I’ve learned and understood how our roles support the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors are charged with two key elements that supply chain professionals can impact: risk mitigation and shareholder value.  We reduce risk by building sustainable processes, inclusive teams, and developing supplier partners.  We improve corporate valuation by lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing inventory velocity.

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Finding Genius and The Castaways

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 10 | October 2020

What if I were to tell you that you have an untapped resource within your organization and that it’s free to you if you know how to slow down and dive in and find it? It is how leaders discover, cultivate, and sustain the hidden genius in their organization.

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Finding Genius and the Castaways

Competition has been and always will be tough, so get over it!

What if I were to tell you that you have an untapped resource within your organization and that it’s free to you if you know how to slow down and find it?

Lead from the HEART.

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The Rule of 80/20 is not Sustainable

Art’s Law #3 1% = 50%

The 80/20 Rule is not sustainable for problem resolution. We need to think about 80/15/4/1. Where the last 1% of demand typically represents 50% of business complexity.

The last 1% of demand or purchases create 50% of the customers, suppliers, or product numbers.

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