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November 28, 2020

Blogging The Art of Change™ – November 2020

Hi Team Art!

November has been a hectic month.  My current clients have been keeping be busy COVID related supply chain opportunities and inventory velocity improvements.  The reoccurring issues related to COVID is demand variability related to shutdowns and locating quality suppliers to successfully reposition manufacturing closer to customers.

I’ve been on three-panel discussions on the current state of the supply chain due to the effect of COVID and moderated a discussion on becoming a successful consultant with private equity clients.

The five takeaways from COVID impacts:

  1. Teams need to be resilient, nimble, and quick when responding to demand variability.
  2. More focus on supplier partners and not vendor relations.
  3. Need increased efforts on lead-time compression.
  4. Leadership needs a better understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership.
  5. A more strategic approach to supplier selection and geographic location.

How are you holding up with COVID-19?  I know these are challenging times.  I have felt the mental and emotional challenges. I’ve been coping with the following methods:

  • Exercise, swimming and walking.
  • I am eating healthy.
  • I’m a member of two mastermind groups and a supply chain thought leadership group.

What is your support network?  Please remember, I’m just a phone call or e-mail away if you want to talk about anything. I’m keeping optimistic about the future, we humans are resilient, and we will emerge stronger! Remember, the roaring twenties were after the Spanish flu pandemic, think for the raging thirties.

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