Art Koch’s Profit Chain®

Avoiding Disaster

Art Koch’s Profit Chain®
Series Volume 4 | Number 6 | June 2021

Let us begin our discussion with the fact that disasters are not a surprise and, therefore, can be avoided.

As most of you are aware, I live in South Florida, or more specifically, Miami. It’s a beautiful area with sun-soaked beaches and bodies and a plethora of luxurious cars and boats to keep your lottery dreams alive.

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Winning The Parts Allocation War

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 4 | Number 5 | May 2021

Shortages -we’re living them every day: stock-outs of our favorite food, the new gadget for the home office, or deficiencies that are impacting our manufacturing processes. Even if they are not directly affecting us, we certainly have heard about them on the news. STOCK-OUTS!!

What’s driving these shortages? As a manufacturer, distributor, or retail store, is there anything we can do about it, or are we just powerless to change the status quo?

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Are You Addicted To Inventory? – The Inventory Doctor®

Now that I have your attention. Let me tell you, Inventory Is Evil!

Many businesses are addicted to inventory, and it’s become their drug of choice! Rather than solving the root cause of problems, the answer is, “let’s increase safety stocks.” What do you see when walking through the doors of your manufacturing or warehousing? Do you see stacks of addiction?

Inventory is evil for this reason; it hides problems and delays problem resolution, which costs money!

Are you struggling with rallying the organization on world-class inventory performance? If you want to wean your organization from its inventory addiction and learn how the build a sustainable profit center with increased inventory velocity, spend an exciting hour with Art. You will…

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The Significant Emotional Experience of Change

Unlock the Art of Change™ Series – May 2021

Real Change Requires a Significant Emotional Experience. Here are just a few examples: Major workplace injury. Major social media scandal about the business. The customer wins a major contract that disrupts the business.

These and many other events keep organizations playing defense rather than focusing their efforts on playing to WIN.

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Inventory Myths – From Unlock the Art of Change™ Series – April 2021

Three of the biggest myths of inventory: 1) Inventory is an appreciating asset. 2) Minimal inventory designs deliver poor customer service. 3) Inventory velocity improvements are the responsibility of supply chain management. These and many other myths keep enterprises from achieving world-class inventory performance and hinder their ability for an improved total cost of ownership and customer satisfaction and transforming the supply chain into a highly competitive tool.

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To Catch Excellence! Lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 Crisis

Most of my advisory work involves helping outline, reviewing or critiquing project plans, of one sort or another.

I routinely nudge or push the team to go faster, to be quicker, and to “Fail Fast…Learn Fast…Fix Fast…!

Too often people seek Perfection in what they do, and it is NOT attainable. This pursuit delays fixing critical processes that will increase customer loyalty, corporate culture and profits.

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Unlock the Art of Change™ Series – March 2021

KPIs need to be helping you manage operations by starting on course. Are you getting:

Better? Worst? Staying the Same?

If your KPIs are not answering these three simple questions, then they are of no use.

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Blogging The Art of Change™ – February 2021

February has been a terrific month, once again jam-packed, however, lots of fun and energizing!

February has been a terrific month, once again jam-packed, however, lots of fun and energizing!

A past client re-engaged with me. We implemented ToolsGroup SO99+ last year, right before COVID hit the US. They went through customers canceling and pushing out orders and now are experiencing the full bullwhip effect of the pent-up demand within the supply chain.

I’ve also helped another client reposition their supply base and implement best practices for future supplier partnerships. Something they wished had started years ago.

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My Business Got COVID

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 1 | Number 2 | February 2021

I’m not telling you that any of our team members or I got COVID. My argument here is that the business got COVID.

More and more, I’m discussing the current situation with my client’s leadership and witnessing the long-term effects of having their team members working remotely.

Before the pandemic, businesses were functioning relatively well. They had daily visual management meetings where opportunities received rapid responses from highly engaged associates, and issues could be swiftly escalated when necessary.

During the last few weeks, I re-engaged with a past client. Speaking with three of their leadership team members, they voiced the same concerns and comments as my other clients, that COVID remote work is negatively impacting their productivity and teamwork.

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Blogging The Art of Change™ – January 2021

January has been a terrific month. Jam-packed, however, lots of fun and energizing! Was interviewed on Dan Gaffney Talk, WXDE Delaware 105.9, about my newsletter on COVID – The perfect Disrupter for Small and Medium Enterprises to Leverage for Growth.

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