Supply Chain Strategy and Tactics Post-COVID

November 20, 2020

Patrick Daly Interlinks Podcast
November 2020

Well, because the topic of globalization that we regularly discuss on this program is underpinned and made possible by the international supply chains that function day-in-day out to fulfill our material needs including our food, our clothing, our medicines and all the services that we depend on to make our life what it is – the smartphone in your pocket, the cholesterol tablets you take and the bottle of wine on your dinner table.

To do this I am joined by three colleagues of mine From the Society for the advancement of Consulting (SAC), all independent consultants and thought leaders in their own fields for this Supply Chain informal chat or “Tertulia” as I like to call it.

When my Dad was in World War II, he outran a tank. That’s a lot of adrenaline at work. We aren’t being chased by a tank. We are, however, fighting for our survival and growth in challenging times. The best way to survive is to thrive.


  • Art Koch – President of Arthur Koch Management Consulting, in Miami, Florida.
  • Dave Gardner – Founder of Dave Gardner Biz – a consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.
  • Diane Garcia – President of Lorraine Consulting based in Portland, Oregon.

It was a fascinating discussion shining some light on the complex and mysterious world of supply chain that has become so topical and relevant in recent times. I hope you enjoy.



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