Quarterly Catch-Up: A Dive into Supply Chain Trends

February 1, 2024

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Tips
Welcoming in 2024
Volume 5 | Number 1 | January 2024

I’m starting a quarterly update on worldwide supply chain insights called Quarterly Catch-Up: A Dive into Supply Chain Trends. The intent is to provide you with a quarterly snapshot of supply chain pressure and critical inflationary drivers that will aid senior leadership and supply chain professionals in navigating the ever-changing challenges of the global supply chain.

Each update will start with an Executive Summary of approximately one page, allowing the reader to understand the worldwide supply chain environment at 20,000 feet.

Following the Executive Summary is an in-depth analysis of six individual indices that allow the reader to dive deeper into the driving forces for each to understand better how they could impact your business.

Let me know if there are indices you think are relevant and should be included. I’m very interested in hearing suggestions.

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