To Catch Excellence! Lessons we can learn from the COVID-19 Crisis

Most of my advisory work involves helping outline, reviewing or critiquing project plans, of one sort or another.

I routinely nudge or push the team to go faster, to be quicker, and to “Fail Fast…Learn Fast…Fix Fast…!

Too often people seek Perfection in what they do, and it is NOT attainable. This pursuit delays fixing critical processes that will increase customer loyalty, corporate culture and profits.

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Inventory Is NOT a Security Blanket!

Why do we care about inventory?

  • It costs money
  • It uses needed capacity
  • It negatively affect service
  • It hides problems thereforeIt delays fixing problems!!!
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Inventory Is Evil!™ – The Classic Inventory Floating Over Problems

This is the classic image of a boat representing inventory. The higher the water level, more inventory. The rocks represent problems within the business. As you lower the water level/inventory the problems are exposed.

Remember, Inventory Is Evil!™ – Because it delays and hides problem resolution.

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Three Powerful Elements Small and Medium Sized Companies can do to improve their Supply Chain Management

During a thought leadership meeting I was asked what can small and medium sized companies do to improve their Supply Chain Management.

  • Increase Professionalism
  • Have meaningful Key Performance Indices – KPI’s
  • Improve Inventory Velocity
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