Cheap is Cheap – Buyer Beware!

A quick way of adding Entropy into your organization is via purchasing.

If you’re always buying from the lowest price vendor, you’re running a purchasing department.

If you’re working to understand the TOTAL cost of ownership and rewarding suppliers that support; excellent customer service, flexibility delivery, outstanding quality and jointly deliver ongoing cost reductions, you have a world class procurement function that builds supplier partnerships.

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Friendly Benchmarking

Are you benchmarking?

Why not a little friendly benchmarking among peers?

I’ve personally used this process to keep the competitive fire between myself and a few peers.

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Three Powerful Elements Small and Medium Sized Companies can do to improve their Supply Chain Management

During a thought leadership meeting I was asked what can small and medium sized companies do to improve their Supply Chain Management.

  • Increase Professionalism
  • Have meaningful Key Performance Indices – KPI’s
  • Improve Inventory Velocity
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Tenacity And Will Power Win Every Time

I like to say “If it were easy, it would have been done”. This is what I like to call; Unlock the Art of Change™. These are used to get people to shift their frame of focus and start thinking differently.

Often I see individuals just stop trying, even after two or three attempts. Today we live in a society that craves instant gratification, when coupled with Leaders looking for the next big bang, an organization could be doomed.

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