Stop letting the process manage you!

Stop letting the process manage you! Become the champion of your game plan and achieve sustainable profits.

Entropy is a giant sucking sound to your profits!

Follow my three-phase methodology to breaking your entropy creep!

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The Relevant Few

How many KPIs do you manage?

I worked with a client who was trying to build an electronic dashboard for 50+ KPIs. When there is this number of KPIs, the information becomes white background noise and many organizations succumb to analysis paralysis.

It took time to convince, but we were able to reduce the number to The Relevant Few.

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Cheap is Cheap – Buyer Beware!

A quick way of adding Entropy into your organization is via purchasing.

If you’re always buying from the lowest price vendor, you’re running a purchasing department.

If you’re working to understand the TOTAL cost of ownership and rewarding suppliers that support; excellent customer service, flexibility delivery, outstanding quality and jointly deliver ongoing cost reductions, you have a world class procurement function that builds supplier partnerships.

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Friendly Benchmarking

Are you benchmarking?

Why not a little friendly benchmarking among peers?

I’ve personally used this process to keep the competitive fire between myself and a few peers.

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We’re Not Building a Rocket Ship

We’ve all been there. The dreaded mandatory problem solving session.

The facilitator say’s we going to solve XYZ opportunity. There is a “brainstorming” mind dump of the issues, an excel file with filters and pivots, and to cap the meeting off, someone has a data visualization software they are eager to use. And before you know it you’re trying to Boil the Ocean or Solve World Hunger. Everyone forgets why we’re there in the first place…

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Three Powerful Elements Small and Medium Sized Companies can do to improve their Supply Chain Management

During a thought leadership meeting I was asked what can small and medium sized companies do to improve their Supply Chain Management.

  • Increase Professionalism
  • Have meaningful Key Performance Indices – KPI’s
  • Improve Inventory Velocity
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Tenacity And Will Power Win Every Time

I like to say “If it were easy, it would have been done”. This is what I like to call; Unlock the Art of Change™. These are used to get people to shift their frame of focus and start thinking differently.

Often I see individuals just stop trying, even after two or three attempts. Today we live in a society that craves instant gratification, when coupled with Leaders looking for the next big bang, an organization could be doomed.

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Thinking Big!

Just finished Alan Weiss’s one day session on Thinking Big! WOW…! Alan is the author of more that 60 books and the person behind the Million Dollar Consulting® franchise. This is my third class/session he has lead, all have been transformational for me as an expert resource and advisor for Operations and Supply Chain. Key

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