Thriving in the New Business Environment – Why The Strategic Supply Chain Matters

November 1, 2020

If you are a CEO, CXO, senior leader, company owner, or supply chain manager of a company that provides products and/or services to customers, this eBook is for you. A global group of independent management consultants—with decades of experience working to develop competitive advantage, profit, and growth for their clients—have collaboratively created this just for you and your team. This eBook is one in a series and will focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM).

SCM is a vital strategic competency in any organization. It encompasses the processes and activities necessary to design, make, deliver, and support a product or service. Disruptive forces remind us how important it is to integrate supply chain strategy with business strategy and to have well thought-out crisis management, mitigation, and contingency plans in place for when the unexpected occurs.

When my Dad was in World War II, he outran a tank. That’s a lot of adrenaline at work. We aren’t being chased by a tank. We are, however, fighting for our survival and growth in challenging times. The best way to survive is to thrive.

It might appear that the foundations of SCM have changed dramatically with the COVID-19 pandemic, but in fact, they have not. What has changed, however, is the weight a business places on considering closeness to customers and suppliers, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), partnerships, and technology. Factors such as these should serve as cornerstones for your strategy. This series is written and produced by expert supply chain thought leaders within The Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC). Together, we represent over 140 years of consulting experience supplementing over 150 years of management experience in Supply Chain, Operations, IT, Logistics, Sustainability, and other areas. This international group includes:

  • Lisa Anderson – California, USA
  • Patrick Daly – Dublin, Ireland
  • Dave Gardner – California, USA
  • David Ogilvie – Queensland, AU
  • Mark Wolf – New York, USA
  • Evan Bulmer – South Australia, AU
  • Diane Garcia – Oregon, USA
  • Art Koch – Florida, USA
  • Rick Pay – Oregon, USA
  • Antonio Zrilic – Zagreb, Croatia

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