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March 31, 2021

Blogging The Art of Change™ – March 2021

Hi Team Art!

Wow, March has flown by and once again jam-packed. Still, lots of fun and energizing!

My new e-book, Acceleration!, is now out on Amazon, co-authored with the master-mind group for Global Small and Medium Enterprises Advisors. Check out my contribution, The Art of Leadership (Page 59) and Winning At Rejection (Page 63), as well as the wisdom of my colleagues. Additionally, check out my eBooks In Print | Art Koch’s Amazon Author Page

Art in The News: Past and Future Events where you can follow Art.

In March, I had the opportunity to take part in two radio programs and two podcasts.

  1. The Frankie Boyer Show | My Business Got COVID
  2. Jiggy Jaguar Show | My Business Got COVID
  3. Interlinks Podcast | Strategic Challenges & Opportunities
  4. SAC Supply Chain SIG | Coming Soon

Check back soon for the future events.

I’ve always said a crisis or recession is a terrible thing to waste. So, when hit with the COVID pandemic, I’ve been determined not to waste the event and turn it into an opportunity. As your aware, I started a daily exercise routine and changed my diet—the three action items I’m doing that you can emulate for your success.

  • Growing professional skills. I joined the Florida Speakers’ Association (FSA), a chapter part of the National Speakers Association, no change this month.
  • Developing intellectual property (IP). It does not matter if you’re self-employed or working for a large multi-national company. We all need to keep developing our individual brands. To some of my clients, I’m the scuba diving supply chain expert, to others, I’m the person they hear the unfiltered truth, and to others, I’m the get the job done person. My question to you, what are you doing to create an IP footprint that sets you apart from the pack?  Why is this important? Because you own your brand!
  • Daily exercise and eating healthier. While doing a little bragging about my progress, a friend mentioned that people overestimate what they can accomplish in a day but underestimate what they can achieve in a month or year.
    • Swimming: March 27.9 and YTD of 87.3 miles.
    • Walking: February 97.5 and YTD 172.5 miles.
    • Weight: Loss of 2.0 lbs. and down to 161.5.
    • Imagine the results if you improve by 1% each day.

How are you holding up with COVID-19?  I know these are challenging times.  I have felt the mental and emotional challenges. I’ve been coping with the following methods:

  • Exercise, swimming and walking.
  • I am eating healthy.
  • I’m a member of two mastermind groups, and a supply chain thought leadership group.

What is your support network?  Please remember, I’m just a phone call or e-mail away if you want to talk about anything. I’m keeping optimistic about the future, we humans are resilient, and we will emerge stronger! Remember, the roaring twenties were after the Spanish flu pandemic, think for the raging thirties.

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