The Supply Chain Revolution

Unlocking The Sustainable Supply Chain

Unlock sustained customer service and capital improvements with The Supply Chain Revolution. Art Koch unveils the paradox of inventory—too much of the wrong kind can conceal real issues, costing money and service quality. This ultimate playbook for CEOs, COOs, & CFOs revolutionizes supply chains, converting them from cost centers to sustainable profit drivers.
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About the Book

The Supply Chain Revolution

Unlocking the Sustainable Profit Chain

Does your organization struggle with poor, underperforming, and non-sustainable improvements to operations, customer service and working capital?

Unlock sustained operational, customer service and capital improvements with The Supply Chain Revolution. Art Koch unveils the paradox of inventory—too much of the wrong kind can conceal real issues, costing money and service quality. This ultimate playbook for CEOs revolutionizes supply chains, converting them from cost centers to profit sources with methodologies such as Art Koch’s Profit Chain®, Entropy Busters®, and The Inventory Doctor®.

Turn your supply chain into your most potent weapon for sustainable profitability by unlocking the power of inventory velocity with innovative strategies for process optimization, team engagement, and corporate valuation. It’s not just good practice—it’s a competitive advantage.

Who is this book for?


Learn the best questions to ask your supply chain team. Don’t rely on financial results – they’re lagging indicators…Supply chain metrics are the leading indicators to improve operations and increase financial performance.

Private Equity

How to build a sustainable profit and valuation driven business transformation agenda for supply chain. Money never sleeps…but inventory sure does, and it rusts, shrinks, gets dusty, broken, lost, and useless. Turn inventory into money faster.

Corporate Head Offices

Get tools to assess plant performance and potential. You’ve got lots of plants and business units doing their own thing with inconsistent results. Get control and improve skills, processes and performance.

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Who is this book for?

Profit Improvement Opportunities

  • Optimize Inventory Management: Implement inventory pull processes to increase inventory velocity, reduce holding costs, and minimize waste.
  • Leverage Technology for Process Optimization: Utilize advanced analytics and AI to predict demand more accurately, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making capabilities.
  • Adopt a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Approach: Focus on understanding the total costs involved in your supply chain to identify savings opportunities and increase profitability.
Case Study: $6 Billion Tier 1 Automotive Supplier (90-day project)

Techniques for Superior Operations Effectiveness

  • Implement Lean Manufacturing Principles: Reduce waste and increase efficiency by applying lean techniques, such as Kaizen and 5S, to streamline operations and improve quality.
  • Develop Sustainable Supplier Relationships: Collaborate closely with suppliers to ensure sustainable sourcing practices, enhance materials traceability, and secure ethical supply chains.
  • Reduce Dependency on Forecasting: Improve lead time with product postponement strategy and supply chain variability with improved processes.
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Real-World Supply Chain Innovations

  • Go Narrow and Deep: Identify and target processes within your supply chain that can be quickly improved to show your team what “Great” looks like, and to increase buy-in and momentum.
  • Engage Frontline Employees: Utilize the insights and experience of frontline staff to gain practical ideas for operational and profit improvement, and foster a culture of continuous innovation.
  • Regularly Review and Adapt Strategies: Establish a routine for regularly assessing supply chain processes and adapting strategies based on operational feedback and changing market conditions to ensure ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

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“Art has brought years of supply chain experience to this enjoyable, concise, and easy-to-read book. It showcases unique and highly effective methods, which I have seen in action at three companies. Art’s methodology has helped our operations teams sustainably reduce inventory and improve turns while simultaneously boosting our on-time deliveries and profitability.”
Steve Harris, CEO
Current Lighting
“Having brought Art in to support our teams’ multiple times across different industrial businesses. We focused on every aspect of his “3 Fs” at one point or another.
Each time the team achieved success.”
Joel Stanwood, MBA
Founder and Partner StoneTree Investment Partners LLC
“For over a decade, I’VE had the privilege of collaborating closely with Art across multiple portfolio companies. Art’s methodologies have proven to be indispensable assets, driving the successful execution of transformation in supply chain management and operations. This comprehensive guide will catalyze a supply chain into a formidable profit-generating engine.”
Danny D., Partner, Operations, Private Equity
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Case Study: $6 Billion Tier 1 Automotive Supplier (90-day project)

A six-billion-dollar tier 1 automotive supplier retained my consulting services. The production facility was just over one million square feet, with nearly $175 million in annual revenue. The goal was to rescue a facility that had lost its true north and had forgotten what “good” looks like, customers placed them on a no bid list and profits were well below expectations. The organization did not invest in supply chain leadership and thought the ERP system could guide the organization. Additionally, the facility was without a supply chain manager for over one year.

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Art Koch, MBA

Art Koch is a globally recognized supply chain transformation expert. With over 3 decades of experience transforming business performance at mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, Art’s proven insights into team member engagement and supply chain management have made him a sought-after consultant and advisor.

During his career, he has increased corporate valuations by more than a billion dollars by utilizing these methodologies to improve customer service and loyalty, reduce inventory by over $250 million, and increase EBITDA by $100 million-plus annually. Art distills his extensive knowledge to empower the next generation of leaders to improve business performance.

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Results may vary, however here are typical improvements cycles:

  • Visual Daily Management: Improvements to communication, material shortages on schedule attainment are typically seen within days.
  • Inventory Velocity Improvements: Detail inventory analysis typically takes two to four weeks. After the analysis is completed plan on one week for the organization to digest the recommendations. Then, within four weeks organizations will start to see mindset and behavior changes, and key inventory results. Typically, the organization can expect to see 20% total inventory improvement in 6 to 12 months and another 10% over the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Employee engagement: Normally within the first three weeks. Once team members understand we are there to help there is a significant shift in team member engagement.
  • Profitability: Manufacturing facilities typically observe profit improvements within 30 to 60 days due to improved material availability for assembly lines. Step functional improvements are achieved with inventory velocity improvements of 10% or more.

It must be noted: Improvements can’t be done in a vacuum. There must be senior leadership buy-in, process change ownership and participation in overall initiative. Additionally, it’s important to include the organization in the overall initiative.

Art’s industrial experience includes and is not limited to the following industries and global locations:

Industries Experience:

  • Private Equity
  • Fortune 100
  • Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers
  • Electronics’ and Electro-Machinal Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Engineered Productions
  • Capital Goods Manufacturing and Service Parts
  • Semi-Trailer Manufacturing and Service Parts

At Arthur Koch Management Consulting, we believe that the leadership of any organization is responsible for enrolling and engaging all of the organization’s shareholders in any initiative, no matter how large or small the organization.

Your Supply Chain, Your Supply Change, Your Supply Leadership.

That is my approach when working with you – it is YOUR organization.

At the same time, experience has shown that the transformation of systems and processes is required.  However, these processes are not comprehensive elements for success. The difficulty arises because the human element is often absent or even ignored. Leadership starts with change; change begins with leadership.

That is why we lead your team through the transformation of supply chain and operational processes, then integrate organization and leadership development into our work. Our objective is to ensure our clients take ownership and ongoing responsibility for sustainable change and their success.


  • Art Koch’s Profit Chain®
  • The Inventory Doctor®
  • Entropy Busters®