Leadership Is A Contact Sport

July 18, 2019

With a college football bowl season almost completed and NFL playoffs ready to start. It’s a good time to highlight some importance Leadership observations.

Leadership Is A Contact Sport!

Watch any game over the next few weeks.

What do you see?

  • The team huddling between plays. The quarterback leading the team with the next play call.
  • Coaches meeting with players between sets of downs and at half time. Adjusting the game plan.
  • Communication is face to face. It’s two way. Each party can, hear voice tone changes and see facial expressions.
  • You see players and coaches dissecting photos of prior plays.
  • It’s: face to face, eye to eye, participated, tactile, you can feel the leadership.

What you don’t see.

  • The coach sitting in an office, with four walls, on a conference call with the offensive line.
  • Or e-mails to the players.
  • Or the entire coaching staff trying to lead from a sky suite.

The best leaders are physical involved. Their presence is felt everyday. They are participative.