2021 = Optimism

January 23, 2021

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 1 | Number 1 | January 2021

As we exited 2020, I stepped back and reflected on the past year, looking forward with optimism for 2021. Even though 2020 was a troubled year, I’m not going to rehash the details.  I believe there are multiple bright spots of hope ahead and an excellent reason to have confidence in humanity.

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COVID – The Perfect Disrupter for Small and Medium Enterprises to Leverage for Growth

December 17, 2020

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 12 | December 2020

With any significant event, crisis, or seismic economic shift, there will always be the opportunity for agile enterprises to fill the void the disruption creates.

The COVID pandemic drastically hastened the retreat from globalization, and depending on the survey, 67% to 84% of North American executives say they are increasing reshoring initiatives. The withdrawal from globalization creates opportunities for enterprises that can work quickly and have a depth of expertise to seize the moment.

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The Three Fs of Supply Chain Management

November 20, 2020

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 11 | November 2020

During my supply chain management career, I’ve learned and understood how our roles support the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors are charged with two key elements that supply chain professionals can impact: risk mitigation and shareholder value.  We reduce risk by building sustainable processes, inclusive teams, and developing supplier partners.  We improve corporate valuation by lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing inventory velocity.

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Finding Genius and The Castaways

October 14, 2020

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 10 | October 2020

What if I were to tell you that you have an untapped resource within your organization and that it’s free to you if you know how to slow down and dive in and find it? It is how leaders discover, cultivate, and sustain the hidden genius in their organization.

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The Entropy Less Organization

September 17, 2020

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 9 | September 2020

What is entropy? It’s the old farmhouse falling into disrepair. Have you started the day with a game plan, and before you get in the door of your office, “Poof,” the plans have vanished into thin air? It feels as though the day is managing you, rather than you managing the day. It is Entropy at work.

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An update on our COVID-19 journey

August 29, 2020

Hi Team Art!

An update on our COVID-19 journey.

I’m still mostly hunkered down in Miami and getting out to eat couple times per week, but to only low density and with outdoor seating.

Thus far, I’ve have been COVID free.

We went on our first flight in five months to Michigan to see our Mother. She is 89 years; we were finally able to visit her at the assisted living home.

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Meet America’s New Homecoming Queen; Manufacturing

August 20, 2020

Art Koch’s Profit Chain® Series
Volume 3 | Number 8 | August 2020

Before the pandemic, in 2017-2018, we had witnessed the peak of globalization. Results of several recent polls taken of industrial leaders indicate that between 65% to 85% plan to re-shore, nearshore, or insource products manufactured in remote parts of the world to reduce their supply chain risk.

When I first started to write about this topic, I received mixed reviews. Not everyone believes that extended supply chains negatively impact Total Cost of Ownership to the extent of my views. Regardless of whether or not you agreed with me back then, there is no denying that we are now in the midst of a seismic global manufacturing shift. Are you ready for the change?

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